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Hey I’m Pippa, I run Dog Friendly Sussex alongside my cheeky pooch – Wilbur. You’ll often see Wilbur posting listings and news on the website. Trust me, it’s definitely him posting, not me!
So, a little about myself. I grew up with a family obsessed with dogs! Westies and a Golden Retriever to be exact. As a teenager I worked in a kennels during the summer months and desperately wanted to work with animals as a career. 

When I reached my early twenties, my career path took a slightly different turn. I started working in marketing, specifically the travel/hospitality industry. Over time, as I tailored my craft within marketing, I landed a job in the fundraising team at the RSPCA. It was a dream come true, being able to combine my two passions: animals and marketing.

Along the way, Wilbur, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen came into our lives. Very quickly, our lives’ evolved around our little four-legged pup and we wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Very quickly, we found it difficult to find doggy day care services for our fur baby in our hometown of Worthing, West Sussex. I particularly became frustrated at the lack of quality websites where you could compare dog friendly services and businesses in my local area, rather than 10 miles away.

Upon spending many hours contacting every dog walker or sitter on these sites, I found they were often fully booked or had limited availability. I realised there must be tens if not 100’s more dog care services locally to me, but many may not have the resources to market themselves effectively to their local clientele. This is when the initial idea about Dog Friendly Sussex came into my head.

Together, over time, our aim is to create the most dog friendly and well connected county in the whole of England, if not the UK. Listing as many services and businesses as possible.

Dog Friendly Sussex is not just for dog walkers and doggy day care providers to list their services, it’s also a place to find local walks, dog friendly restaurants, cafes, hotels, self-catering accommodation, pet shops, groomers, hydrotherapy, training, workplaces, meetups and events. 


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Want to list a dog friendly service in Sussex or share a walk you’ve recently been on? Add a listing by simply filling in this form. Each listing is vetted before it’s posted live onto the website. Got a question? Head to our contact form to submit an enquiry. 

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