Cissbury Ring Lower Fields Walk

Findon, Valley, Worthing BN14 0HT, UK

Duration: Approx. 60 mins – 2.2 miles

Poo bins: Plentiful

Parking: Free

Fitness level: Moderate

Cissbury Ring, located on the edge of Worthing and Findon Valley offers a wide range of different dog walking routes. This particular walk is a favourite of ours, as the trail leads you along the various open fields at the bottom of Cissbury Ring, rather than hiking to the top of the Ring. This is a great option if you’re not in the mood for hiking up a steep incline!

This walking route is fantastic if you have a nervous dog or practicing recall, as each field has clear visibility, offers a vast expanse of wide space and all fields are enclosed from the neighbouring road by a barbed wire fence. The road is also pretty quiet as it’s adjacent to the residential area of Findon Valley.


Parking at Cissbury Ring

For this specific walk, which leads along the bottom fields at Cissbury Ring, you can either park at Coombe Rise Car Park or Storrington Rise Car Park, both are free throughout the year and open into the late evening. Make sure to not keep any valuables in your car though, as both car parks do have a history of being broken into if valuables are left on display.

It’s worth noting that the Cissbury Ring car parks can get very busy at the weekend, even throughout the year, but there’s plenty of parking along the adjacent roads called Long Meadow and Shepherds Mead.

Here is a link to the two lower Cissbury Ring car park locations:

Storrington Rise Car Park – ///sleeper.inserting.lawns

Coombe Rise Car Park – ///senses.scanty.disbelief


Starting the Cissbury Ring Lower Fields Walk

I like to park at Coombe Rise car park as it tends to be a bit quieter here. On the west side of the car park you will notice an opening into the first field and a worn trail that leads diagonally to the top left of the field. Follow this path until you get to the first set of trees that leads directly down into the next field.

When you head through the small opening in the trees, you will be led down to another footpath which cuts through the top of the second field. Keep following this path until you enter the next field.

At the third field turn right, which leads you up a hill, you can either cut across diagonally or head along the footpath which loops around the edge of the field.

This will then lead you to the top left of the field, where you’ll find a small gap which leads you temporarily into the woods. You may also notice a small “tombstone”, although technically I don’t think it is one!

Along the way

Once you are in the woods, you’ll notice a short trail which turns left and leads you back out onto the open field. Keep following the footpath which leads along the top of the field.

As you come to the end of this field, turn right back into the woods, again keep following this well-trodden trail which takes a gradual left, where you’ll shortly come across a small incline, which leads into the final field.

Keep following this footpath until you reach the end of the field. Then take a sharp turn left, which leads down a rather steep hill, which quickly brings you into a large open field that leads down to Storrington Rise Car Park. You can either head directly down the hill, or turn left. Head back south, following the path at the top of the field.


Heading back to Coombe Rise Car Park

The visibility at this point is very clear, and you will be able to make out the route back to Coombe Rise Car Park by following the well used footpaths which cut through the various fields.

Each field will go through small openings which are divided by lines of densely populated trees. During the winter months, the openings can get very muddy, so it’s best to wear wellies when there’s been a fair bit of rain!

Extra information for dog walkers

There are plenty of poo pins dotted along this route, however, they are all close to the roadside. There are several bins at each car park, and a few dotted long by the barbed wire fencing at the bottom.

As mentioned at the beginning of this walking guide, this walk is fantastic if you have a nervous or reactive dog, as there’s plenty of room to keep away from other dogs – if needed.

In my experience, I have also found a majority of dog walkers at Cissbury Ring tend to be very considerate to each other. It’s quite rare to come across aggressive dogs along this walk.

Other dog walks

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