Ferring Rife Walk

Ferring Rife, Worthing, UK

Duration: Approx. 45 mins

Poo bins: Plentiful

Parking: Free

Fitness level: Easy

Ferring Rife is one of the most attractive and peaceful dog walks in Worthing. Completely flat along the coarse of the river makes it accessible for all levels of fitness. This circular walk is also abundant in wildlife and a great route during most of the year due to its flat terrain level.


Getting to Ferring Rife

Starting off, if you’re coming by car, you can either park in the Bluebird Café car park, which is completely free, or along Rife Way, however, please be considerate when parking as this is a residential street.

I usually choose to park at the Bluebird Café, but it’s important to note that this car park can get particularly busy in the summer months.

Here is a link to the Bluebird car park’s location: what3words: ///oddly.worker.rich


Starting the walk

Start off by following the public footpath route, either on the left or righthand side of the Rife and keep following the straight pathway. Immediately you will notice how quiet this area of Worthing is. During the summer months, the footpath is dry, however, if you come here in the middle of winter, the pathway is likely to be extremely muddy if there has been lots of rain, so remember to bring your wellies!

You’ll find that you won’t come across many other dog walkers along Ferring Rife, just the odd one here and there. The path is also perfect for letting your dog off the lead, however, if you have a dog that likes to swim, you may want to keep a close eye on them as the water doesn’t look particularly clean.

On either side of the path, the walking route is surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers in spring and summer, which attracts a lot of wildlife. If you’re lucky you may see different types of wading birds and butterflies.


Along the way

If you’re heading from the Blue Bird car park, about three quarters of the way is a metal bridge, which can be used if you want to cross onto the other side of Ferring Rife.

Along the route there are several public footpaths which head east and west if you want to take a short detour away from this main path.

Once you come to a quiet road which leads onto the Ferring Country Centre, it’s time to turn round and head back.


Important things to note for dog walkers at Ferring Rife

If you have a reactive dog, this walk probably isn’t best for your pooch. Even though the walking route is very quiet, it can be difficult to pass another dog or owner, without coming into close contact with them, due to the narrow public footpath.

There’s a poo bin near to the Ferring Country Centre, as well as at the Bluebird car park. Whenever I walk here, I hardly notice any dog poo on the footpaths, so dog walkers seem to be pretty considerate here.


Nearest dog friendly café to Ferring Rife

You have two options here. Either the Bluebird café right by the car park, which is particularly famous with Worthing locals, due to its great location and fantastic menu (I’d highly recommend its brunch menu).

There’s also Ferring Country Centre’s Ranger’s Café, which is located right next to Ferring Rife. They even serve doggy ice cream and sausages – yum!


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Published: July 23, 2022
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