Honeysuckle Lane Walk

Honeysuckle Ln, Worthing BN13, UK

Duration: Approx. 50 – 60 mins

Poo bins: Moderate – mainly at car park locations

Parking: Free

Fitness level: Moderate

Cost: Free

Honeysuckle Lane is one of the most popular dog walks in Worthing due to its easy access from the A27, secure fields and attractive scenery which overlooks the sea, the South Downs and the rest of Worthing.

There are many different walking routes you can take at Honeysuckle Lane, however, this is a particular favourite of mine.


Parking at Honeysuckle Lane

There are two free car parks to choose from, both of which have poo bins at the entrances. The car parks are relatively small (they can fit approximately 10 – 15 cars in each). They can get quite busy at the weekends on a nice day, so this is something to be mindful of.

The most popular car park is at at the top of Honeysuckle Lane. Turn left when you get to the end of the road to enter the car park. The second car park is at the top of West Hill.

Here is a link to Honeysuckle Lane’s car park location: ///profile.worthy.calendars


Starting the walk

Start off by exiting the car park and follow the footpath on the left hand side of the green. Follow the path directly down the hill and keep walking until you come to the first exit of the field, which is also on the left hand side.

When you get to the exit, carry on walking down the hill which has a steady decline, at the bottom of this field are two poo bins on the left hand side and a small gate to exit the field. At this point turn right and follow the footpath along the bottom of the field.

After a couple of minutes you will then come across an opening to woodland. You can either enter here for a shaded walk or turn right and carry on up the hill through the open field.

While walking up the hill you will come to an entrance into the next field with bushes on either side. Follow this footpath along the left hand side of the hill. It’s quite a steep incline here to get to the top of Honeysuckle Lane.

Once you’ve made your way to the top of the hill, make sure to take a short break to catch your breath and take in the stunning views of Worthing and Highdown Hill in the distance.


Halfway there

At the top of the hill there is a small entrance back into the woodland. Take this narrow footpath and follow it until it comes out onto the main trail and turn left here.

Follow this route until you come to a two large handmade picnic benches which also boast spectacular views, but this time of Cissbury Ring. Turn right at the benches, and turn right again when you come to a footpath which heads right and is enclosed by fencing on either side of the footpath. Carry along this path, and you will pass a telephone mast on your left hand side. Eventually you will come across a gate which opens up onto West Hill car park.


Heading home

Put your dog back on the lead and then turn right down Heather Lane, once you come to the end of this gravel road, turn right back onto Honeysuckle Lane and then left again to enter the car park.


Important things to note for dog walkers at Honeysuckle Lane

Honeysuckle Lane is a great walk if you want to practice recall with your dog as the first two fields are mainly enclosed with clear visibility.

There are also numerous poo bins along the route which is always a bonus! Nothing is worse on a dog walk when you have to carry a smelly bag of poo with you the whole way.

In addition, the walking route is mainly only used by dog walkers, and most of which tend to be pretty social and considerate of each other.


Nearest dog friendly café to Honeysuckle Lane

Right by the entrance to Honeysuckle Lane is The Refreshment Rooms, a small micro-pub and shop, with outdoor and indoor seating. Dogs are allowed in the micro-pub and outdoor seating area.

On Thursday and Friday evenings pop up food vans serving delicious food – from pizza to tacos, and on a Sunday they serve up cheese boards to customers.

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