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How To Make Homemade Coconut Dog Ice Cream

How To Make Homemade Coconut Dog Ice Cream

I don’t know about you, but this weather (currently 32°C) is pretty unbearable at the moment, never mind for my Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen who has a thick coat. I’ve been buying coconut dog ice cream to keep him cool, however, a small tub can be almost £4! Therefore, I decided to try and make my own homemade dog friendly version.

Is coconut ice cream okay for dogs?

Coconut dog ice cream is a good option for picky eaters, as my dog isn’t that keen on fruit or peanut butter. However, before trying any new recipe with your dog make sure to give them a small sample test to ensure they don’t have a bad stomach, or even an allergic reaction.

Can dogs eat frozen coconut milk?

Coconut milk is okay in small amounts, however, make sure to buy organic coconut milk, check the ingredients that it isn’t sweetened and always give them a small sample beforehand to ensure your pooch isn’t allergic to coconut. To be on the extra safe side, it’s always best to consult your vet first if you have any concerns.

100% organic coconut milk must be used in any doggy ice cream recipe to ensure there are no other substitutes that could harm your dog. It’s also worth noting that coconut is high in fat and calories, so if your dog is on a diet, coconut is not always the best option.

On the other hand, coconut can be beneficial to your dog’s diet (in small doses), as it features antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

I’m personally using coconut oil for this recipe as it is a safer and less calorific option.

Homemade coconut dog ice cream recipe

First you’ll need some kind of moulds to put the mixture in. Luckily I had some ice lolly moulds hanging around in the cupboard, but used yoghurt cartons would also do the job. You could even pour the mixture into an ice cube tray or small bowls.

For this recipe, we’ll be using organic coconut oil. Add two tablespoons to a measuring jug or large bowl.

Next, add in the 450g of goats milk yoghurt, which is the whole tub. I personally use goats yoghurt instead of cows milk, as cows milk has a tendency to upset dog’s stomachs.

Add up to 200ml water to dilute the mixture, basically to the top of the measuring jug or enough to fill your moulds.

Coconut oil

As you can see, Wilbur couldn’t wait!

Simply mix all the ingredients until they have all blended together nicely. You can even do a taste test, trust me it does taste good!

Pour the combined mixture into your moulds. I put a small treat in each mould as a little surprise and extra taste for my pooch.

Now grab a couple of dentastix or whatever chew you want to use. A vegetable chew may be a good option too and cut them with a sharp knife into quarters.


Insert the dentastix into the moulds so they are sticking up like a lollypop stick.

Finally, place your moulds in the freezer. For best results leave overnight, so they are completely frozen.

Enjoy! If you try this recipe, make sure to let us know whether your pooch enjoyed their doggy ice cream in the comments below.

Want to submit your own recipe idea or dog friendly business? Feel free to drop us a message, we’re more than happy to help. Find more dog friendly related recipes and articles on our main blog page.

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