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Meet the Owner of Paws to Doors – Homemade Dog Treats and Cakes

Meet the Owner of Paws to Doors – Homemade Dog Treats and Cakes

An increasing amount of dog owners are realising the importance of fresh homemade dog treats, over mass produced treats sold at supermarkets. Many owners also want to treat their fur babies on their birthday or “gotcha day”, and what better way to celebrate than with a homemade cake!

When we came across Paws to Doors; a Sussex based dog bakery on Instagram, we knew we had to share their fantastic homemade bakes.

We recently caught up with the owner of the business; Ash, and asked her to tell us a bit more about her wonderful dog friendly creations!

How long has Paws to Doors been running and what inspired you to start making homemade dog treats and cakes?

“I started Paws to Doors in June this year and can’t believe how quickly the last three months have gone!

“Although difficult at times juggling a full-time job, and Paws to Doors I have enjoyed the last few months so much.

“I have six dogs and I would always make homemade treats for them as I knew exactly what they’d contain and knew they weren’t eating high fat/sugary treats that can be found in the supermarket.

“Family and friends would often say to me I should start selling my treats and one afternoon I was chatting to family in the garden about how amazing it would be to have a dog café and from there I started building ideas and creating Paws to Doors.

“Dogs are such huge parts of our lives and definitely part of the family, so why not celebrate their birthday or special occasion with a personalised treat or cake!”

What are you most popular dog cake and treat flavours?

“It definitely goes between peanut butter and banana or cheese and apple. They seem to be my most popular flavours, I know if my dogs had to choose they’d say cheese…they all come running into the kitchen as soon as they even hear the grater!”

What are homemade dog cakes typically made of?

“All my products use minimal ingredients. Honey is used as a natural sweetener along with spelt flour, coconut oil and occasionally an egg.”

How long does a dog cake typically last?

“I usually keep the cakes around 3-4 days in the fridge, like human cake really! Biscuits tend to last up to 10 days in an air tight container, however, I am testing different ways to give them a longer shelf life (not that they ever last that long anyway!).”

Do you make dog cakes and treats without flour?

“I do offer grain-free biscuits too!”

Where are you based and where do you deliver your doggy treats and cakes to?

“I’m based in Eastbourne and offer free delivery around Eastbourne. Anywhere outside of here I unfortunately have to charge for delivery, usually around £5 – £10 depending on the location! I also offer UK next day postage for biscuits.”

How much do your dog cakes and treats cost?

“Prices vary from £3.50 for 10x small personalised bones to £40+ for a cake with a personalised topper. Most items range around £10 – £15 for the birthday and “gotcha boxes” which seem to be my most popular!

“I am always happy to work within your budget and come up with new ideas, I love getting creative so any requests are happily welcomed. I would love to do a tennis ball cake!”

Where/how can we order some dog treats and cakes from you?

“My Instagram is where I am most active @_pawstodoors. I upload most of my orders to my page as well as reviews, new products and product reels/videos. My dogs also make an appearance every now and then too! Anyone wanting to make an order I ask to message me on Instagram or Facebook.”

Thanks so much for answering our questions Ash!

If you’d like to be featured in our local business series, please pop us a message here.

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