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Meet the Owner of The Sussex Savonnerie – The Organic Handmade Dog Soap

Meet the Owner of The Sussex Savonnerie – The Organic Handmade Dog Soap

How many times a week do you catch a whiff of your dog’s fur coat, and think “pee-yoo you’re in need of a bath!”, we can guarantee it’s probably at least once a week!

Many dog owners often tend to use dog shampoo in a plastic bottle to fix the pungent smell of their dog, but without realising, what they’re using could be bad for the environment and irritate the dog’s skin.

That’s why when we came across the Sussex Savonnerie on Instagram, a Sussex based small business which produces and sells its very own handmade dog soap, we knew we had to share their innovative product.

Over the past few days we caught up with the owner of the business – Steph, and asked her to tell us a bit more about her luxurious dog soap creations!

How long has The Sussex Savonnerie been running and what inspired you to start making dog soap?

“The Sussex Savonnerie has been up and running since November 2021, so almost a year! But research and development started in November 2020 – mid pandemic!

“It all started when my elderly Border Collie – Rags – developed a severe skin reaction following the use of a premium store-bought pet shampoo.

“Long story short, I started making organic and plant-based soap for him. The soaps then became even more handy when the newest addition to our family, another Border Collie called Nell (she’s now 2) found a love for rolling in very unpleasant things!

“The name is a nod to the location where the soap is made and to my country of birth (Savonnerie means soapery).”

What different scents do you offer?

“Currently the soaps come in lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, cedarwood & neem and cedarwood & sea kelp.”

How long does your handmade dog soap last for?

“If unused, the soap will last ages, there is no expiration date. How long each bar will last really depends on how often you bathe your dog and how large they are.”

How do you store dog soap?

“Ensure the soap bar is rinsed and patted dry after each use, and stored in a soap dish or pouch which drains and allows it to air dry.

“I would recommend avoiding sealed soap boxes or non draining soap trays. This will ensure your soap lasts longer. When the soap is fully dry, you can put it back in the box it comes in.”

How do you use dog soap?

“Thoroughly wet your dog’s coat with warm water and rub the soap bar directly onto their coat/fur until you have a rich lather and massage all over their body, avoiding their eyes, nose and inside their ears.

“Rinse thoroughly, making sure there is no soap residue left in their coat. Repeat this process if necessary.”

What are the benefits of buying dog soap over dog shampoo?

“Our dog soaps do not contain any chemical preservatives, only organic and plant-based ingredients.

“The traditional cold process method by which they are produced preserves the oils, which each bar contains, which is good for skin and coats/fur.

“The rich lather rinses out quickly – saving water. Each soap is biodegradable and requires little energy to produce.

“Our packaging is made with recycled materials which can be fully recycled. No plastic and very little waste!

Is your soap good for itchy skin, and if so, how often would you recommend bathing an itchy dog?

“Our dog soap is gentle and will moisturise skin. We have had feedback from some of our customers that our chamomile soap has helped relieve mild itchy skin.

“Over-bathing isn’t recommended as this will strip away your dog’s own skin moisture.

“We always recommend a skin patch test and to seek the advice of your vet if your dog is very itchy.”

Where are you based and where do you deliver to?

“We are based in East Sussex, very close to Brighton and deliver via Royal Mail to the UK only.”

How much do your soaps cost?

“Each bar costs £5.75”

Where/how can we order some handmade dog soap from you?

“At present all orders are made via a direct message on Instagram but we are hoping to be able to launch a website soon.”

Thanks so much for answering our questions Steph!

If you’d like to be featured in our local business series, please pop us a message here.

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